Oatmeal & Coffee Body Scrub


It's time to get in the shower!!
Use our oatmeal coffee body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce cellulite, improve circulation and leave your body feeling like a baby's bottom. 

Choose your size :
Mini 150g, doesn't come with wooden spoon
Regular 300g + a wooden spoon


Arabica ground coffee, ground oats, brown sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, sea salt, fragrance oil

How to use

You want to use this coffee scrub in the shower since it can make a mess. Apply a generous amount of scrub to wet skin and massage in a circular motion. Leave scrub on for a couple minutes and massage once more before rinsing. Use twice a week for best results.

Customer Reviews

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Everything amazing!

Everything I buy from here is amazing! This coffee scrub leaves my skin super soft, not oily! Both me and my daughter use it :)

R. Morgan
I feel luxurious

I just love this exfoliant. Its invigorating, leaves my skin smooth and smells great. New staple!

Love it!

I’ve been in strict quarantine for the last week, and definitely needed a pick me up. I got my package from Camria and used the body scrub right away. I felt like a new person! Not only is it relaxing to use (the smell! Amazing!) but my skin feels great even a day later

Smells heavenly and works like magic!!

One of the best body scrubs I’ve ever tried. It removed dead skin so easily and made my skin super soft! I did need to moisturize after using it but I always do anyway. Such an amazing product and the smell is a 10/10!

Great for underarms too!

I received a sample of this coffee scrub with my last order and decided to use on my underarms before shaving. First of all, the smell is heavenly!! I couldn’t stop smelling it!! TMI but it also REALLY helped to remove the residue that was left on my underarms from my deodorant. This product was a little messy to use but that’s what the shower is for lol! After shaving, my underarms were very soft and I was able to get a really close shave.

Customer Reviews

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