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Moisturose Hydrating Facial Oil is packaged in a roller bottle with an integrated steel ball. The steel ball helps the oil to cool on contact, ensuring a comfortable application. The roller bottle also ensures optimal product distribution without any wastage. Our face oil provides a convinient way to incorporate natural ingredients into your regular skin care routine. With ingredients like rosehip, jojoba and argan oil, skin is nourished and hydrated for a glowing, healthy complexion.


Size : 10ml

Shelf Life : 6-9 months 


Grapeseed oil - moisturize, tightens, lightens dark circles, scar reduction
Jojoba oil - anti inflammatory, reduce redness, helps eczema, psoriasis & rosacea
Hempseed oil - balance out oily skin, hydrating, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,
Rosehip oil - antibacterial, fights acne, reduce skin pigmentation, anti aging
Sweet almond oil - reduce under eye puffiness, cleans pores, moisturizing and hydrating
Vitamin E - protect from sun damage, strengthens skin, antioxidant
Rose essential oil - hydrate dry skin, clear acne, reduce signs of aging, minimize appearance of scars
Dried rose petals (dried at home)

How to use 

 Can be applied to skin during the morning and evening. Roll and coat oil on face and neck area 2x a day. If you have oily skin, we suggest to use just a night before bed.

↠ Suitable for all skin types
↠ This 10ml roller bottle will last approximately 1 month - 1 month 1/2 if used twice a day everyday. 
↠ You can place the oil in the fridge for de-puffing and extra cooling in the morning.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Bertoncini
Love this product

I mainly use this product under my eyes morning and night. I've really noticed a smoothing of the fine wrinkles. I love the feel of the roller ball running over my skin. And the rose scent is so soothing. This is my second purchase of this product. I'm addicted!

Jessica Terry
Definitely recommend

The subtle hint of rose in the face oil is the perfect amount! Use after the green tea mask and your skin will feel amazing!! So refreshed and moisturized, a must have!!!


I actually had a bit of my old facial oil left, but I don’t know if I can go back after this! It is definitely not over saturating on the face, it provides the right amount hydration.

Highly Recommended

I never thought that having this in a roller bottle will make such a huge difference! I've tried facial oils before and one of the trickiest part is always putting too much so it feels greasy rather than comforting. But Camria is a genius to put this in roller bottles and the steel ball has a nice cooling effect.
I love using this during daytime and under make-up. It is much better than my usual moisturizer. My face doesn't look greasy or cakey, because you get to control the amount you put on your face. My skin absorbs it quickly and i can put my make up on in less than 3 minutes.
I will keep using this. It also smells so calming for me.

Great Product

First of all, I am obsessed with the packaging!! I never knew how much I needed a rollerball facial oil until I tried Moisturose!! The quality is amazing, and the oil doesn’t separate like other natural face oils that I have tried. The smell is amazing and is not too much or overwhelming at all. I use this product before bed and find using it once a day works best for my skin (as I like a more matte daytime look). As someone with acne scars on my cheekbones, I have struggled to find natural products that will gradually improve the appearance of these scars. However, I have been using this product every night for 2 weeks and already notice a slight difference. I’ve also noticed that this product makes my skin really soft and reduces any redness or unevenness on my face. I’m really excited to see how much my skin improves as I continue to use this product.

Customer Reviews

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