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Our Promise

From our home to yours ...

Handmade with lots of love using only the best quality ingredients and providing luxurious packaging for an unboxing experience you won't forget and products that you will fall in love with ♥


"I’ve always had dry lips and it’s especially worse in the winter, I’ve found that just using chapstick doesn’t get the job done but ever since I’ve started using the scrubs my lips have been super soft! Absolutely love and will definitely buy more!!"



"I’ve been in strict quarantine for the last week, and definitely needed a pick me up. I got my package from Camria and used the body scrub right away. I felt like a new person! Not only is it relaxing to use (the smell! Amazing!) but my skin feels great even a day later"


"First of all, I am obsessed with the packaging!! I never knew how much I needed a rollerball facial oil until I tried Moisturose!! The quality is amazing. I have been using this product every night for 2 weeks and already notice a slight difference. I’ve also noticed that this product makes my skin really soft and reduces any redness or unevenness on my face. I’m really excited to see how much my skin improves as I continue to use this product."