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Our CEO & Founder

“Self-care starts with skincare”

Amiyra Paquette launched Camria Beauty in June of 2020 with the intent to create products that other will feel comfortable putting on their body, that will nourish and promote healthy glowing skin without an expensive price tag. 

Our Story

It took many years but finally at the age of 24 she started to gain self confidence and self love towards her body, her skin and her face. In gaining this new love she knew she wanted to take better care of her self and so this journey began to not only be cautious of what was being put on her skin but to learn more about skincare ingredients so she can formula and provide others with this same confidence, self care and self love she's gained through natural beauty.

Fun fact : Camria Beauty's name was created by combining her two daughter's names Camilla & Arianna. Nothing better then building a brand named after your beautiful children! 

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Our mission

- For our customers to have an experience like no other

- Formulate only using natural ingredients (free of chemicals)

- Produce products that will help women and men feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin

- Affordable prices (Everything under 30$)

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Everything under 30$

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100% All Natural

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Unique Shopping Experience

Luxurious products & packaging 

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